please rewind

German-Turkish film and video culture in Berlin
26.9 – 27.9.2019, bi’bak, Berlin

Along with the large German-Turkish community, Turkish film culture in Berlin has also established itself over the years. Introduced through screenings of Turkish films in Berlin cinemas, video cassettes later gained in importance. The numerous video stores that offered Turkish films played a central role, as well as the “Turkish Bazaar” at the U-Bahn station Bülowstraße. The video evenings became social events in which families would invite their neighbours and friends. As most of these films were exclusively on video cassettes and are no longer in distribution, this filmic material and accompanying culture has largely fallen into oblivion. With a two-day programme of film screenings, discussion rounds and an accompanying publication, Please Rewind dedicates itself to the rediscovery of German-Turkish film and video culture in Berlin.