Can Sungu was born in Istanbul, Turkey, studied Film (BA) and Visual Communication Design (MFA) at Istanbul Bilgi University and at the Institute for Art in Context in Berlin University of Arts (MA), gave courses and facilitated workshops on film, published texts on film and migration, took part in various exhibitions, such as at transmediale’14, MMSU Rijeka, Künstlerhaus Vienna and REDCAT Los Angeles. In 2014 he co-founded the project space bi’bak in Berlin-Wedding where he works as artistic director and curator.

Within a transdisciplinary practice, he experiments with diverse forms of media like photography, film, video, animation and interactive media. His works mostly deal with issues like migration, mobilities, consumer society and their aesthetic dimensions. His critical approach concentrates on fields where popular culture and various concepts such as kitsch, tourism, ideology, mass media and urbanization meet. By attaching great importance to humour and provocation, he incorporates interactivity and participation into his creative processes.

Can Sungu is based in Berlin and Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions
Bitter Things, Archive Kabinett, Berlin/ DE, 2018
Bitter Things, DEPO, Istanbul/ TR, 2018
Highlife, Temporary Installation in Via Saluzzo, Turin/ IT, 2017Highlife, Uqbar, Berlin/ DE, 2017SILA YOLU, DEPO, Istanbul/ TR, 2017
Replaying Home, Pinacoteca die Jesi, Jesi/ IT, 2016
SILA YOLU, Mobile Exhibition, bi’bak, ZK/U, Prinzessingärten, Galerie Wedding, Berlin/ DE, 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions/ Screenings
Rassismus, DHMD, Dresden/ DE, 2018-19
Black Disguises, MMSU, Rijeka/HR, 2017-18
It is obvious from the map, REDCAT, Los Angeles/ USA, 2017
Photometria Festival, Ioannina/ GR, 2016
Galata Rum Okulu, Istanbul/ TR, 2016
Les Rencontres Internationales, HKW, Berlin/ DE, 2016
Exchanging Notes I, Verkstad Konsthall, Norrköping/ SE, 2016
Les Rencontres Internationales, Gaite Lyrique, Paris/ FR, 2016
Neighbour, Urban Series Vol.2, Istanbul/ TR, 2015
paraflows .X Digital Migration, Künstlerhaus, Vienna/ AT, 2015
Original vs. Copy #75 – online exhibition, interartive.org, 2015 
Declination of Community, Centro di Luigi Sarro, Rome/ IT, 2014
openhaus, ZK/U Berlin – Centrum for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin/ DE, 2014
future past – past future, transmediale’14, Supermarkt, Berlin/ DE, 2014
Avam Kahvesi, Istanbul/ TR, 2013
Smuggling Anthologies, Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka/ HR, 2013
Art & Mobility #55 – online exhibition, interartive.org, 2013 
Parabole VII, contemporary space, Varna/ BG, 2013
Parabole I, Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, Sofia/ BG, 2013
Sublime Porte, Art Space 7, Amsterdam/ NL, 2011
Construct – Constructed, Universal Cube, Leipzig/ DE, 2010
Rundgang, UdK-Berlin, Berlin/ DE, 2010
The Fat Archive, art-transponder, Berlin/ DE, 2009
Track’08, santralistanbul, Istanbul/ TR, 2008

Lectures/ Presentations/ Artist Talks
Arabesk und Einflüsse türkischer Popkultur in Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin/ DE, 2016
IdentityLab Sessions, Galata Rum Okulu, Istanbul/ TR, 2016
IdentityLab Sessions, Bart, Batman/ TR, 2016
Kent üzerine söylesiler 4, Yakin Kitabevi, Izmir/ TR, 2016KULTurVorlesung, Alice-Salomon-Hochschule, Berlin/ DE, 2015 
Performative Spaces of Participation: Spatial Transformation of Digital Networks, FH-Dortmund/ DE, 2015
Interdisciplinary Projects in Social Context, IFKIK/ UdK-Berlin, bi’bak, Berlin/ DE, 2015
UrbanTalks Vol.1, No 59, Izmir/ TR, 2015
future past – past future, Supermarkt, Berlin/ DE, 2014
Contrabbando, Migrating Art Academies, Nida/ LT, 2013
KulturBilder v.10, Podewil, Berlin/ DE, 2013
Der Tiger kommt ins Kinderzimmer, Deutsches Theater, Berlin/ DE, 2012
Mall Life: Understanding new social boundries in Istanbul through consumption, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis/ NL, 2012
Aesthetics of Kemalist Nationalism in New Media, ACSIS, Linköping University/ SE, 2011
Military Kitsch in Turkey, FH Potsdam, Potsdam/ DE, 2009
Video Production, Bilgi University, Istanbul/ DE, 2008

Awards/ Scholarships
Since 2014 several funding awards for the projects of bi’bak i.a. by Berlin Senate, Fonds Soziokultur, Berlin Project Funds for Cultural Education, Goethe Institute, Aktion Mensch, LEZ, Berliner Landestelle für politische Bildung, Stiftung Nord-Süd Brücken, QM Soldiner Strasse. 

Research Scholarship, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, 2018
Bitter Things, Funding Award, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, 2017
Sila Yolu, Funding Award, Fonds Soziokultur, 2015
RE/USE, DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Idea Workshop, 2014
German Multimedia Award MB21, 2nd Prize, 2013
REC Filmfestival Berlin, 2013
Ve Geldik, Funding Award, PWC-Stiftung, 2012
DAAD Scholarship, 2010
MFA Scholarship, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2006-2008
BA Scholarship, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2002-2006

BITTER THINGS, bi’bak, Berlin: Archive Books, 2018
Durch den wilden NOrient in Rassismus:Die Erfindung von Menschenrassen (Ed. Wernsing, Geulen u. Vogel), Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2018
“Wenn wir nicht aufstehen, endet unser Elend nicht.” Gesellschaftskritik im türkischen Migrationskino: Baba (1971), Almanya aci Vatan (1979) und Kara Kafa /1979). in Deutsch-Türkische Filmkultur im Migrationskontext (Ed. Alkin, Ömer), Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2017
Identity Lab, project publication, Verkstad Konsthall and maumau, Norrköping/ Istanbul, 2017
SILA YOLU – The Holiday Transit To Turkey and The Tales of the Highway, bi’bak/ DOMiD, Istanbul/ Berlin, 2016
paraflows .X Digital Migration, 
exhibition catalogue, 2015
Berlin 1979: Two Antagonistic Films, 
77:13 – Political Art and Resistance in Turkey, NGBK Berlin, 2015
Replaying Home
, Smuggling Anthologies Reader, MMSU Rijeka, Zagreb, 2015
Il grado o della tradizione, Emanuele Meschini, in Contemporart N.78, April-June, Modena, 2014
future past – past future, exhibition catalogue, ArtUP!, Goethe Institute, 2014
Aesthetics and Fantasy of Kemalist nationalism in new media, ACSIS Conference, Linköping University Electronic Press, 2011
Aus dem Kontext, exhibition catalogue, Institute for Art in Context, University of Arts Berlin, 2010
Welcome to my paradise!, artistic research, self-published, Berlin, 2010    
The Fat Archive, exhibition catalogue, University of Arts Berlin, 2009